If you are a passionate internet user, then you have probably noticed that there are many marketers that give eBooks for free from their websites. This is great news for everyone, but the fact is that only a small number of these books have a real value. That’s why people are willing to pay to get useful information from eBooks. In case you want to write an eBook or you already have one and you want to make some money, follow these simple guide. With these tips, you can increase your income in a short period of time.

To start with, you should let other website owners and magazine publishers to use small parts from your eBook on their websites. Of course, ask them to place a link to your website or an advertisement on their website before you allow them to include portions of your eBook. If the eBook you’ve created is interesting and helpful, they will definitely be interested in making a deal like this.

One of the greatest things about selling eBooks online is that you can always up-sell your product. For example, you can make even more money by selling monthly updates of the eBook you’ve created. Additionally, you can also add chapters to your book making it more attractive.

Another option you have is to give away a modified, trial version of the eBook for free. This will work as some sort of teaser that will attract people to pay in order to get the full version of the eBook. Selling eBooks online business is on the rise and now you know why. eBooks provide many advantages over conventional books in terms of marketing and selling.

There are many eBook authors that are separating the content of their eBooks into reports. After that, they provide readers an option of buying only the information that they really want. This is especially good for eBooks that have many pages and eBooks that are covering different topics. There is no reason why someone should pay the full price when they need just a small part of your eBook. Be flexible and give them an opportunity like this.

Those who have been involved in this business for a long time know that buying reprint right to eBooks created by other authors and mixing them with yours in a tempting package deal is a great option. This is a good way to get more income in a short period of time.

If you are interested in marketing tactics that will help you make money from selling your own eBook, then keep reading. Charging people a small fee to read 50% of your eBook is another way to increase their interest. Ask them to pay the full price in order to get a chance to read the rest of the book. Obviously, this is a nice option for eBooks where the most important information is contained in the second part of the book.

Providing freebies that are associated to the eBook is a smart move too. For example, you can offer a free monthly update, free consulting, free advice etc. You can also offer a high and low priced version of your eBook. Highlight the advantages of using both versions.

It’s a good idea to offer the reprint right to the eBook to someone else. It’s very easy to sell these rights at a price that you have selected before. In most cases, people are offering these rights at a higher price compared to regular purchase price. You can start selling your ebook online with Shopify and see if you like their themes!

Make the first step and enjoy this business venture.


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