People who successfully sell their books online don’t work too hard. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean the successful book vendors don’t work hard, I mean they work smarter and strategically.

When you start working smart and strategically, you would make more sales than someone who is not working smart.

If you want to successfully sell your books online, you need the right tools. And what are the right tools?

Read on for the answer.

Here are five tools that every book seller must have if they want to sell successfully.

1. DIY graphic design software. It’s not necessary to hire a graphic designer if you are only doing simple design projects. Your job is to download some DIY graphic design programs and do it yourself. For you to successfully promote your books, you need awesome images that you can share via social media, emails and your website.

2. Email auto responder marketing software. You haven’t started marketing if you haven’t tried email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best ways to market directly to your customers. When a customer gives you his/her email address, it is the same as someone giving you his/her telephone number to talk to them. When you send a message to a customer who gave you his/her Email address, you will be warmly received than talking to someone who didn’t give you his/her email address. Take good advantage of that by communicating to your email list smartly. If you are into email marketing, getting email software is a must to market to your customers well.

3.  The right social media platform. Not all social media platform is right for you. Get the right social media platform and engage with your followers. Use your social media to market your books. Try doing giveaway contents; this can help you gain more followers and potential customers. But having a Facebook page is right for you if you want to make more sales.

4. A website. If you are yet to have a website yet, I suggest you go and open one. If you want to make more sales online, you need a website. Nowadays, websites are super easy to open; you don’t need much knowledge about web designing for you to open a website, all you need understand is the steps. There is some software that teaches you how to open a website; I suggest you should download some. You can even take some online tutorials on how to open a website.

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