Most people don’t want to buy their books from Amazon. If you are one of them, this article is for you. There are various online bookstores apart from Amazon that you can buy your books (used or new) from at an affordable price.

1.  Powell’s Books. Powell’s books have been around for some time now. The good thing about Powell’s books is that they have both the physical and online bookstores. The bookstore has a large collection of new and used books that you can buy from.

2.  Thrift books. Thrift books is a good bookstore that you can buy used books from. What’s more? Their prices are very low, and they also let you get extra savings on some set of books that are from the bestselling authors.

3.  You can buy your books with Alibris. What’s good about Alibris is that it connects a large network of sellers. So if you are looking for a rare book to buy, you can get it at Alibris. You also get the books for free (they ship for free).

4.  AbeBooks also connects with a large network of sellers. With AbeBooks, you can easily search for whatever book you like. There is also a weird room in the AbeBooks store. In the weird room, you can check for different titles as you like.

5. This online bookstore is owned by eBay. With half, you don’t need to bid for any book. The bookstore has all kinds of books; from music to movies to games. But you can easily get textbooks. You also get the chance to rent textbooks. But the good thing about Half online bookstore is that when you buy a textbook with them, after the end of the semester, you can resell the book and get some money. When you rent a textbook, you get to choose how long you need the book, and after the time you choose lapses, you would return the book to the bookstore (return shipping is free).

6. Skyo is an online bookstore that is dedicated to helping students save money on textbooks. The bookstore also offers a rental program that allows you to rent books for a period. You can even extend the expiry date if you need the textbook for a long while. You can also search your school to find textbooks that are needed for your course at your school.

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